Dr. H. Purushotham is currently holding the position of Chairman and Managing Director, National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) a Central Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. He obtained B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from Andhra University Visakhapatnam (1982), M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur, M.B.A. from IGNOU and PhD from Osmania University. He has acquired over 35 years of diverse experience across the innovation value chain by working at different government institutions of repute.

He has also served as a Director in the NICCO Corporation, Andaman Fisheries Ltd. and Shilpi Aqua Culture Pvt. Ltd. and as an Investment Committee Member of UTI, India Ascent Venture Fund, Gujarat Venture Fund Ltd. and Venteneast VC Fund of APIDC and member of several committees of government bodies (DST, DSIR, MoMSME, MHRD, TIFAC, TDB, CSIR, etc.) promoting innovations.

He was trained at (i) Venture Capital Institute (VCI), Washington, USA on “Venture Capital Funding”,(ii) National Business Incubation Association (NBIA),USA on setting up of “Technology Business Incubators”,(iii) MDI on “How to Engage and Use Consultants” and (iv) ASCI on “Management of R&D Systems”.

His core competencies are multidisciplinal R&D process development, scale-up, IPR Management, technology transfer, techno-economic feasibility analysis, incubation, entrepreneurship and start-up, consultancy, venture funding, industrial R&D project reviews and monitoring, etc.

He is a recipient of about 12 awards including “Meritorious Young Consultant Award 1991″ Instituted by Consultancy Development Centre, Ministry of Science & Technology 1991. BSE-SKOCH Award 2016, International Association of Advanced Materials Medal 2017, ASSOCHAM and Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry Awards 2017 for promoting R&D and Innovation in the country.

Under his leadership NRDC got “Best PSU Award” from Governance Now and he was awarded a “CEO of the Year 2017” from Indian Chambers of Commerce. He has authored/ co-authored 65 project reports, 5 book chapters, one book, published/ presented 85 research papers in various journals and conferences, filed three patents and helped industry in commercializing more than 200 technologies in different sectors.

Now, as a CMD of NRDC, Dr. Purushotham is sphere heading Commercialisation of Innovative Technologies developed by various public funded R&D Labs and Universities in the country and contributing significantly to Start-up India and Make in India Missions of Govt. of India. He has brought a turnaround in NRDC.