Prof. D.K.Dwivedi is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering in Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

With specialization in Material Processing, Surfacing and Joining technologies, he has to his credit around 200 technical  publications in international and national journals. His impeccable knowledge has earned him many accolades and awards including Binani Gold Medal award 2001 for best paper of the year published Transactions IIM in area of non-ferrous group.

He has also been providing consultancy ranging from  Residual life assessment and NDT of hydro mechanical components ; Corrosion testing and estimation of life; Welding of metals of commercial importance;  Mechanical, corrosion and chemical analysis of mechanical splices/couplers; Increasing life of tribological components through surface engineering; Controlling residual stress and distortion in weld joints; Manufacturing related issues of casting & welding, surfacing; Failure analysis of mechanical components such as gears, penstocks, valves etc.

He also has been involved in various activities to assist various Govt. Bodies like Crime branch-CBI & Hon. High Court in cases like  Failure investigation of cranes accidents at Jamrudpur site of DMRC with Crime branch Delhi Police.

Prof. Dwivedi has 3 Patents to his name and has penned 2 books. Besides, he has been instrumental in developing  technical Content through support of NPTEL, MHRD, GOI since 2010.